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Passive Entity Value Writing

A PassiveEntityValue is a wrapper for data that can be stored in an entity and serialized to disk. All PassiveEntityValues that the kernel recognizes live in the package

You can, however, make your own passive entity values with a separate tool, PassiveEntityValueMaker. This tool is not part of the kernel, nor does the kernel run it. It uses reflection to build a wrapper class, a Java source file, which you can then compile as part of your program.

For example, running PassiveEntityValueMaker on the class java.util.Integer creates a file called You should not modify this class. You can then compile and use it in your simpleton. The API for the generated class will be exactly that of the class you are generating it from, in this case the Integer class.

Once you build a wrapper for it you can use any class for passive entity values, for example, Hashtable, Vector, or any new class you wish to write, say, DisplayableBinaryTree or ConsoleWindow or TextEditor.

To make your new passive entity value available to other simpleton writers, you can petition for it to be added to the kernel. If approved, it will be added to the above passiveentityvalue package.