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About the Author

Gregory J. E. Rawlins left a childhood on the shores of Trinidad to study computer science in the wilds of Waterloo, Canada. He now finds himself a professor of computer science at Indiana University, Bloomington, smoking far too many cigarettes. Surrounded by several thousand books, he works in the gentle glare of his computer monitors, reading, writing, and supporting Bloomington bookstore owners in the style to which they have become accustomed.

The benevolence of an overindulgent public has encouraged him to write, then publish, several books over the years. Moths to the Flame: The Seductions of Computer Technology is soon to be followed by its sister tome, Slaves of the Machine: The Quickening of Computer Technology. Additional publications are amusing, but will probably remain undiscovered by the general public outside of the technical audience they address. A rumored science fiction novel, Merlin's Children, co-written with Dedaimia Whitney, may indeed be published shortly before it has become science fact.

Besides regularly springing his books upon a trusting and unsuspecting public, he also delights in speaking on the future of electronic publishing and other aspects of the economics and sociology of computer technology. A research scientist by profession, he toils in the fields of artificial intelligence, making genetic algorithms his particular interest.

He may yet learn to drive.


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